Wear it close to the collar bone or longer over a shirt or dress. Either way, you will turn heads with this necklace!

Each brass spike is hand hammered into shape and assembled on an 18 gauge/1 mm brass wire with hand cut hexagon brass tubes as spacers. It is then plated in three layers of 24k gold or rose gold.

I offer three varieties of necklaces: dark brown suede cord; black or dark brown waxed cotton cord that is braided with macrame knots. All are finished with a handmade brass button that allows the necklace to be adjustable in length from 16 inches to about 26 inches.

The actual color of the 24k gold plated spikes is more of an antiqued gold color–sort of in between a yellow and rose gold. This part of the necklace is 3.5 inches or 90mm long.

This item is custom made. Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.

Available in 24k gold and rose gold color. Please specify your choice of color and necklace type before adding to cart. Thank you!